1. To star
The success of a good meal begins with a good tasting of starters…
2. You choose
Quality ingredients in order to obtain a perfect harmony…
3. To continue
The essence and evolution of a traditional italian cuisine…
4. In conclusion
We always say that with a meal, the beginning is as important as the end…


Salads and Starters

You choose

Meats, fish and suggestions


The best of Italy

Artesan Pizzas in wood-oven

Our hand made PIZZAS with the utmost care of fermentation and 1st class raw material, become a healthy and sound product. 

We show you a selection and you’ll see thecomplete card here.

PIZZA MARGHERITTA                                                                                                                                                                     €9,00

According to the legend, in1889 the well known cook Raffaele Esposito had prepared the famous Pizza with tomato, mozzarella and basel in representation of the colours of the flag  in order to honour the italian queen Margherita de Savoia.

To end

Bianco e Rosso Desserts


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